Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The North Central Community Futures Development Corporation will endeavour to bring together to support, develop, and promote communities, individuals, organizations, business and other appropriate stakeholders within the north central region (of Manitoba) to encourage self reliance and viability of the social and economic quality of life.

Vision Statement

The North Central Region of the future will have undergone unique challenges to convert opportunities based throughout the region, including human resources, cultural diversity and natural, environmental and historical significance into very positive and successful local production and regional use.

This will have also produced a healthy, competitive and self- sufficient economy with an improved infrastructure, a common access to all cultural technology as well as a more balanced trade to the "south".

On the "human" side the north central region will have increased awareness and understanding of cultural diversity produced and enhanced coordination, cooperation and communication and a common trust among all political organizations within the region, and will have provided the regions with youth with education and entrepreneurial spirit.


Technology commercialization – bringing new goods and services to market


Trade and Investment – increasing the market presence of western Canadian goods and services in domestic and export markets, traditional and new


Business productivity and competitiveness – supporting western Canadian businesses to find way to compete better with their global competitors by increasing productivity.

November 3, 2020

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