Churchill & Region Economic Development


Funding for the $4.6 Million Churchill and Region Econmic Development Fund is a response to the economic instability facing the Town of Churchill and surrounding region following the announcement of the closure of the Port of Churchill and associated reductions in rail service. 

The goal of CRED is to encourage short and long-term, sustainable economic development and diversification of local economies, facilitate economic adjustment and enable collaboration and partnerships leading to enterprise opportunities in the Churchill and Bayline Region communities affected by changes in service delivery. 

The Fund will give priority to projects which are multi-community in nature and benefit the Churchill and Bayline Region.  Municipal councils, Indigenous organizations, bands, tribal councils, hamlets, businesses, services or community organziations in Northern Manitoba are eligible.  The Fund will also support projects that promote business activity in Kivalliq and the west coast of Hudson Bay if they strengthen the economic activity across Northern Manitoba. 


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Phone: 204-943-2905

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