Settlement Services

In 2007, CFNCD was asked to prepare a plan for the settlement of immigrants in the Thompson area.

CFNCD met with interested groups. A two part action plan was prepared.

The plan’s first phase included:

  • submitting an application for funding to the Manitoba Immigrant Integration Program (MIIP),
  • forming a settlement services advisory committee,
  • conducting a community-wide assessment of service organizations and their settlement-related activities,
  •  surveying new residents (to determine needs),
  • creating a job description for a settlement service coordinator,
  • locating a host organization and
  • preparing a funding options plan.

This process had 3 positive results:

  • a strong support committee,
  • the research showed that a direct services worker was needed,
  • CFNCD was found to be the logical host for such service.

Phase Two began when CFNCD received funding for a Settlement Services Coordinator.  In August 2008, a part-time coordinator was hired.

The Coordinator’s job is:

  • to connect clients to programs and resources in the community,
  • to conduct orientation sessions for newcomers, and
  • to offer workshops and advice on topics of concern to new arrivals (such as housing, education, transportation, employment and child care).
In 2014 funding shifted from the province to the federal government, CFNCD now receives funding to support this program through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  The current contract expires March 2017.

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