Regular Loan Program

Regular Loan Program (Business Investment Fund)

This fund is intended to help entrepreneurs start up or expand a business located in the north central region.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to any individual, partnership or corporation located in or intending to locate in the north central region.

All business proposals will be considered, but certain sorts of businesses may be given priority.

Community Futures North Central Development (CFNCD) will only consider:

  • loans,
  • loan guarantees, or
  • equity participation.

What are the conditions for loans:

This is not a grant.

  • A minimum of 10% equity is required
  • Interest rates range from bank prime plus 2 to prime plus 6%.
  • The maximum loan is $150,000 however the majority of proposals considered will be smaller amounts
  • The level of funding will depend on the feasibility of the applicant’s business plan.

How to apply:

The staff at Community Futures North Central Development will help you apply. A copy of the CFNCD Loan Appication is available in the download section on top right of page.

They will help you:

  • to complete application forms, and
  • to prepare a business plan.

The Business Development Committee will review all applications and typically meet once a month. 

November 3, 2020

NEW Website Coming

CFNCD is in the process of moving its website.  For the most recent information, please copy and paste the following address in your browser: